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  公司名稱 : 錦 華 實 業 公 司
  地 址 : 香港沙田石門安平街6號新貿中心A座7樓703室
  電 話 : (852) 2342 9098 / 2389 6123
  傳 真 : (852) 2343 0479
  電 郵 : info@kamwahhk.com

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Company Profile :Kam Wah Industrial Company was established in 1982 in Hong Kong. Our main business include label printing and manufacturing services such as PVC rubber labels, silicon labels, silk Screen labels, heat-sealed labels, zip-pullers, PU/leather badges, key chain/mobile phone tags, embroidery/stitching patches, woven labels, heat transfer printing, cuff velcro badges, gas-filled feather badges, 3M reflective labels, plastic hangtags, paper hangtags, and 3D lenticular badges. In order to expand our business and to provide high quality products to our clients at ffordable prices, our production department was moved to China in 1986, and occupies an extensive 40,000 meters square facility. We have more than 500 employees and 221 sets of machines such as automatic plastic dripping machine, high-frequency voltage machines, pneumatic pressing machines, hydraulic machines, punching machines, stamping machines, pad print machines, paper transferring printing machines and water transferring printing machines. Moreover, the company has reached the full implementation of the ISO9000 system management, and has been making significant progress. The company motto is; "Customers first. Prosper through quality. Enhance our reputation". We are making progress and will serve you at once. 錦華實業公司於1982年在香港創立,主要業務包括製造PVC膠章、矽膠章、絲印/電壓章、拉鏈頭、仿皮/真皮章、匙扣/電話繩吊飾、綉花/車線/織嘜章、燙畫、轉移印花、手袖貼、羽絨充氣章、3M反光章、吊粒、紙吊牌、變畫章...等商標印製工作。1986年在國內自設廠房,廠房面積40,000平方米,員工約有500人,備有多達221台先進機器,如自動滴膠機、電壓機、氣壓機、油壓機、沖床機、燙金機、移印機、紙轉移印花機及水轉移印花機....等以滿足客戶及市場上的需求。 此外,公司現正全面推行ISO9000體系管理,本著〝客戶至上,以質量求存,以信譽求發展〞的服務宗旨,為客戶提供更優質及滿意的服務。PVC膠章(PVC Rubber Label) ,膠章(Silicon Label),絲印/電壓章(Silk Screen Printing / Heat-Sealed Label),拉鏈頭(Zip-puller),仿皮/真皮章(PU/Leather Badge),匙扣/電話繩吊飾(Key Chain / Mobile Phone Tag),綉花 Embroidery /車線Stitching Patch /織嘜章 Woven Label,燙畫/轉移印花(Heat Transfer Printing),手袖貼(Cuff Velcro Patch),羽絨充氣章(Gas-Filled Feather Badge),3M反光章 (3M Reflective Label),吊粒(Plastic Hangtag),紙吊牌(Paper Hangtag),變畫章,(3D Lenticular Badge)